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R&M Publishing Releases “Love Poems for the One You Love”

R&M Publishing has announced the release of its first book of poetry, “Love Poems For The One You Love,” Volume 1. The book is a collection of 100 unique and original love poems that celebrate love in all its many forms. Included in the book is the award-winning poem, “Cuddle Time.” The book is currently [...]


R&M Publishing Releases “My Favourite Things To Do In Paris”

R&M Publishing has announced the release of its latest offering, “My Favorite Things to Do in Paris.” The book is a guide to one man’s journey through the eternal city of Paris and a compilation of his Parisian favorites. After numerous trips to Paris over the course of 25 years, the author realized he had [...]


R&M Publishing Releases New Action Adventure, “Ring of Daggers”

R&M Publishing has made public the availability of its most recent publication, “Ring Of Daggers.” Penned by “Rae and Mark,” the book features an intriguing mix of murder, arcanum and age-old legend. “After publishing our previous work, “Magic Squares,” we would have liked to author a book that made use of this unusual mathematical curiosity,” [...]