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A-Z Of Winter

Winter Poems - A-Z Of Winter

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest book of poetry, A-Z Of Winter, a collection of winter poems by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner.

These poems focus on a variety of themes related to most people’s least favorite season – holidays (e.g. you’ll find a few Christmas poems) and other special days, sporting events, foods and, of course, the weather.



As with all our poems, they are 100% fresh and original, and as you may surmise from the title of this book, there is one winter poem for each letter of the alphabet, so here is the full list of all 26 titles:

  • A Is For Avalanche Warning
  • B Is For Blizzard
  • C Is For Comforters
  • D Is For Diet Time
  • E Is For Earmuffs
  • F Is For Flannel Pajamas
  • G Is For Garlands
  • H Is For Hot Chocolate
  • I Is For Ice Skating
  • J Is For January First
  • K Is For Komatiks
  • L Is For Lavender
  • M Is For March Madness
  • N Is For NFL Play-Offs Month
  • O Is For Overcoat
  • P Is For Pecan Pie
  • Q Is For Question Mark
  • R Is For Red Velvet Cakes
  • S Is For Snowball Fights
  • T Is For Thermal Underwear
  • U Is For Unrelenting Winds
  • V Is For Valentine Gifts
  • W Is For Winter Olympics
  • X Is For Xmas Presents
  • Y Is For Youngsters
  • Z Is For Zucchini Loaf

There is also one bonus poem, entitled “Helping Hands“:

Having fun at Christmas is what most people expect
Except many others suffer from need and neglect
Like those who have no home and no family at all
Perhaps losing their job was the cause of their downfall
It may be they’re old, deserted, and totally alone
Not just humans either, pets too may be on their own
Got to wonder what these folks think of at Christmas time
Hard to imagine, but ignoring them is a crime
And so why not lend a hand? It needn’t cost a lot
No doubt it’s a gesture that will never be forgot
Do a stint at the soup kitchen, or rescue a pet
Share your Christmas meal with a veteran, better yet

This collection of winter poetry is currently available in two editions – paperback and Kindle.

The paperback edition makes a perfect gift to send to family members and friends, and remember you can have it gift-wrapped if you want.

Don’t forget too that the Kindle edition can be read not only on the Amazon Kindle devices, but also on Kindle software on many other devices (e.g. PCs, iPhones, Android phones, tablets).

Get your copy today:

Paperback Edition

A - Z Of Winter (Paperback Edition)

Kindle Edition

Buy A - Z Of Winter (Kindle Edition) from Amazon.com

A - Z Of Winter (Paperback Edition) Buy A - Z Of Winter (Kindle Edition) from Amazon.com

PS This is the tenth in our series of A-Z poetry books, the previous one being the recently-published A-Z Of Cats. To be notified automatically when we publish future books, please sign up for our Newsletter, using the form near the top right of this page.



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