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A-Z Of Summer


Short Summer Poems: A-Z Of SummerWe are pleased to announce the release of our latest book of poetry, A-Z Of Summer, a collection of fun summer poems (that rhyme, like all of our poems do)

These poems focus primarily on summertime activities and foods. We hope they inspire you to make the most of your summer, this year and every year.



As with all our poems, they are 100% fresh and original, and as you may deduce from the title of this book, there is one summer poem for each letter of the alphabet, so here is the full list of all 26 titles:

  • A Is For Al Fresco
  • B Is For Backyard BBQs
  • C Is For Camp Site
  • D Is For Day Spa For Mom
  • E Is For Enjoying Life
  • F Is For Favorite Season
  • G Is For Graduation
  • H Is For Heat Wave
  • I Is For Ice Cream
  • J Is For July Fourth
  • K Is For Kumquats
  • L Is For Lemonade
  • M Is For Melon Balls
  • N Is For Newlywed
  • O Is For Outdoors
  • P Is For Peach Cobbler
  • Q Is For Quenched Thirst
  • R Is For Recreation
  • S Is For Strawberries
  • T Is For Tour De France
  • U Is For Unproductive
  • V Is For Vacation
  • W Is For Water Sport
  • X Is For Xanthosoma
  • Y Is For Yosemite
  • Z Is For Zoom Lens

There is also one bonus poem, as this book of summer poetry is dedicated to all Olympians in recognition of their dedication and skill. (You can read this bonus poem, as well as one sample poem from the above list, on Amazon.)

These short poems about summer are currently available in two editions – paperback and Kindle.

The paperback edition makes a perfect gift to send to family members or friends, and remember you can have it gift-wrapped if you want.

Don’t forget too that the Kindle edition can be read not only on the Amazon Kindle devices, but also on Kindle software on many other devices (e.g. PCs, iPhones, Android phones, tablets).

Get your copy today:

Paperback Edition

A - Z Of Summer (Paperback Edition)

Kindle Edition

Buy A - Z Of Summer (US Kindle Edition) from Amazon.com

A - Z Of Summer (Paperback Edition) Buy A - Z Of Summer (US Kindle Edition) from Amazon.com
Buy A - Z Of Summer (UK Kindle Edition) from Amazon.co.ukNote that the Kindle edition of A-Z Of Summer is also available from Amazon.co.uk.

PS This is the sixth in our new series of A-Z poetry books, the previous one being the recently-published A-Z Of Thanksgiving. To be notified automatically when we publish future books, please sign up for our Newsletter, using the form near the top right of this page.



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