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Mark Farrar


Mark Farrar - Author of Magic SquaresMark Farrar has been an amateur magician since the age of 16, and thanks to the late Joe Riding, also developed an early interest in the mathematical curiosity known as Magic Squares.

Several years later, encouraged by the late Richard Stupple, Mark wrote a thesis on this fascinating subject as his “entrance examination” to become a member of The Magic Circle – one of the foremost magic societies in the world.

Since then, this book has been made available to both magicians and mathematicians the world over, and has been widely praised. In fact, Mark was promoted to Associate Of The Inner Magic Circle on the strength of this book – something which few members have accomplished.

In his younger days, he also travelled the world in search of new and exciting places, and is now passing on his love of one of his all-time favourite places in a short but very personal guide to the City Of Light.

Mark has many other interests, so don’t be surprised if he writes more books on completely different subjects.

For example, Mark used to be an arctophile (which means he liked and collected teddy bears), and here’s a photo of the first 200 in this collection:

BiCenteddial Photograph

(By the way, it took four adults about three hours to get these 200 teddies posed for this photograph! The collection actually ended up numbering around 600, but the thought of gathering all of those teddies together for a group photo was far too daunting – plus, the house wasn’t big enough anyway!)

Books By Mark Farrar:

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2 Responses to “Mark Farrar”

  1. E Farrar says:

    I have just suffered the acciddental but unpleqasant experience of coming across you on the website. Please note,re your book on arctophilia, that the 200 bears in the photo are not YOURS AS SUGGESTED. I believe they are mine too.

    • alex says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      I believe you have mis-read this statement: “…here’s a photo of the first 200 in this collection”. As you can see, no ownership is implied or stated.

      Have a nice day!

      Talent Scout & Author Liaison
      R&M Publishing

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