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Archive for November, 2012

Twisted Short Stories #1 (Going To The Dogs) – Cyber Monday Week Special

For our third and final special offer in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion, we’re offering FREE downloads of the first in our Twisted Short Stories series, by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner. Going To The Dogs, a 2,500+ word short story with a twist, will be FREE for three days, from Thursday, 29 November [...]


Twisted Short Stories #2 – Death Penalty

We are pleased to announce the publication of the second in a new series of “twisted” short stories by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner. (The first was called Going To The Dogs.) This fourth book in their Coffee Break Tales series is called Death Penalty, and like the first short story, it’s just over 2,500 words [...]


Twisted Flash Fiction (Volume 1) – Cyber Monday Week Special

To continue in the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re offering FREE downloads of Volume 1 of Twisted Flash Fiction, by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner for two days, from Tuesday, 27 November 2012 through to Wednesday, 28 November 2012. We hope you take advantage of this offer, and we know that Jaime & [...]


Ring Of Daggers – Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special

It’s that time of year when everybody’s looking for Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals, so we thought we’d join in the frenzy and offer our full-length action/adventure novel, Ring Of Daggers, for FREE for four days, from Friday, 23 November 2012 through to Monday, 26 November 2012. This only applies to the Kindle [...]


WordPress Training Step By Step

Have you heard of WordPress but don’t know what it is? Or are you one of the thousands of people who consider themselves technophobes but would like to set up a WordPress blog – and don’t know how? The fact is, WordPress has become the platform of choice for many website builders, including those who [...]


A-Z Of Cats

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest book of poetry, A-Z Of Cats, a collection of cat poems by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner. These short pet poems celebrate cats – their qualities, their health, and their relationship to us. We were looking for some sort of cute byname, like the one from [...]