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Archive for December, 2012

Torcidas Histórias Curtas # 2 – Pena De Morte já está disponível em Português

Para comemorar a recente abertura de Amazon’s Brazilian Kindle store, nós acabamos de publicado um de nossos Torcidas Histórias Curtas, Death Penalty, em uma edição de Português. Esta versão, que atende pelo nome Pena de Morte em Português, está disponível em todos os locais habituais da Amazon, incluindo Amazon.com, bem como, evidentemente, a nova Amazon.com.br. [...]


Twisted Short Stories #2 – Death Penalty Now Available In Portuguese

To celebrate the recent opening of Amazon’s Brazilian Kindle store, we’ve just published one of our Twisted Short Stories, Death Penalty, in a Portuguese edition. This version, which goes by the name Pena de Morte in Portuguese, is available from all the usual Amazon sites, including Amazon.com, as well as, of course, the new Amazon.com.br. [...]


Twisted Short Stories #3 – I Of The Tiger

We are pleased to announce the publication of the third in a new series of “twisted” short stories by Jaime & Raechel Faulkner. (The previous one was called Death Penalty.) This fifth book in their Coffee Break Tales series is called I Of The Tiger, and like the first two short stories, it’s just over [...]


Discover How Easily You Can Support An Indie Author

R&M Publishing is a small, independent publishing house representing a small number of independent authors. We do this to try to help out these writers, because we know how hard it is to be noticed in the tidal wave of new books that are published every single day. The Life Of A Writer Many people [...]


Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Protect All Your Digital Products Against Illegal Sharing

If you sell any type of digital product online, then it’s highly likely you’ve already encountered one of the Internet’s growing problems – online “theft”. The fact is, online piracy affects all of us, regardless of whether you’re selling software, ebooks, video training courses, graphics packages, or whatever. You may not even know you’ve been [...]


Romance In Marrakech – Second Honeymoon

Following the first two books by Safira Sanders, which were set in Paris, her latest piece of romantic erotika for women takes us to North Africa, to the ancient city of Marrakech, to be precise. “Romance In Marrakech – Second Honeymoon” has been longer in arriving than we’d wanted, but when we read it, it [...]